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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

In order to ensure a financially secure and effective city government, the mission of the Finance Department is to provide sound fiscal analysis, support services, and reporting in an accurate, timely, cost effective, and professional manner to City officials, departments, residents, and businesses.


The Administration Division is responsible for oversight of all Departmental activities and staff.  The Division manages the City’s investments, budget and fiscal reporting, auditing and is also responsible for business tax and transient occupancy tax collections.

General Accounting

The General Accounting Division is responsible for the accurate, fair presentation, and full disclosure of the City’s financial transactions in conformance with generally accepted accounting principals.  The Division is also responsible for the issuance of City checks, the maintenance of City payroll records, payment of all state and federal taxes, and safeguarding of the City’s financial assets.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Division is responsible for the Accounts Receivable and Cashiering functions of the City.

The Accounts Receivable functions include all phases of customer billing, including file maintenance, transaction recordation, account billing, late and penalty notices, account collection and payment processing for the following accounts receivable systems:

  • Utilities, which include water, wastewater, solid waste and stormwater.
  • Monthly parking programs at City owned parking facilities.
  • Preferential parking permits.
  • Annual renewal of business permits.
  • False alarm monthly billing and annual alarm permit renewal.
  • Miscellaneous City programs including special events.

The Cashiering functions include the daily receipt and deposit of funds from various City departments, such as parking meter collections, Park and Recreation programs etc.  Additionally, the Division receives counter payments for all of the accounts receivable, parking citation payments, business tax payments and senior bus and taxi programs.  The Division also responds to customer requests for information about their accounts, business tax questions and a multitude of other information items, both over the counter and through telephone contacts.


The Purchasing Division is the central control point of the City’s decentralized purchasing system.  Unlike a traditional centralized purchasing system with several layers of buyers and assistants, much of the City’s purchasing function is accomplished at the user level.  The Purchasing Division acts as the control mechanism, making certain that the City’s policies, procedures and codes have been adhered to. 

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